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Motivation Behind Our Startup

During this covid time, it was really challenging to assess the students through available platforms. Most of them are pretty useless! After trying out different techniques like random variables to each students, using their date of birth as variables etc, it is found that these methods drastically increased faculty load rather than achieving the desired result! Students are coming up with many innovative coding to crack it! Hence, there is an urge to develop an better platform (a cheat proof one) which can be accessed by all educators!

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What We Do

It all started with a way of assessment platform and we found the similar techniques are used by recruiters during the online drive. Hence, in addition to student assessment for their course work, we have decided to open it to institutions to use our platform to train their students!

Even though many of the available platforms provide a similar experience to students, none of them gives access to institutions to set their own test at free of cost!

We also found many training institutions charge a hefty amount in the form of placement training. Most of the contents related to placement are open source but poorly organised. Hence, we decided to use the same open-source content with the better organization along with providing students with the real experience of placement drive such as timed questions, prevention of tab changing, only one attempt for each question etc. Written being one component, we try to help students to prepare for the interview as well!!

Current Plans & Future Opportunities

We are currently testing Al-based monitoring for lecture sessions as well as exam! It's impossible to monitor the student during lecture hours as faculty will be sharing the screen with students! The upcoming Al system will monitor students which are expected to aid faculty!

Our long-term goal is to provide a full-fledged platform that provides free services to all competitive exams as well!

We the engineers from the aim2crack team strongly believe in solving real-life problem.

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Our Team

Meet the key people of our team.

Dr Harimurugan


"Passionate towards dissimation of knowledge and enhancing skills."

Love Bansal

Front-end Lead

"Frontend developer who loves to design beautiful interfaces for a better UX"

Manish Kumar

Back-end Lead

"A passionate engineer, eager to develop great things for society."

Muskaan Chaturvedi

Design Lead

"I always believe that the only limits in life are the ones we make"

Priyanshu Sahu

Design Lead

"A creative engineer, entrepreneurial, savvy and a fast learner"

Tanvi Singla

Back-end Lead

"Perseverance and Tactfulness are the superpowers that will serve you well."

Vaibhav Verma

Front-end Lead

"There is no shame in falling down! True shame is to not stand up again."

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Our Services

Quizzing Module

A cheat proof system to conduct quizzes! A never before experience for students. Well balanced features to prevent any malpractice. Opening to all educators, private tutors and training institutions.

Quants and Coding Preparation

Preparing for competitive exams requires consistency and practice. Aim2Crack will help you to understand where you are lagging and will provide you in depth analysis. Manage all your quizzes at one place.

Interview Preparation

Make placement training and preparation more effective and interesting for the students with Aim2Crack. It's a great way to train students for placement rounds and prepare them for the final battle. Our modules are inline with the recent methodologies and are constantly updated based on the student feedback.

Intern Alerts & Off Campus Drive

Get updated with latest news alerts about internships and placement offers just at Aim2Crack and be part of mock placement drives which makes you familiar with the process and prepares you for any challenge under the guidance of Experts.

Upcoming Services


Interview Bots

Take mock interviews with our AI HR Bot


AI Based Monitoring System

Attendence & student monitoring technology for faculties.


Machine Learning Projects

Get the latest ML/DL projects for free!


Live Seminars

Get guided by the industry experts through live seminars & sessions.