Meet Our Team

Meet wonderful people behind Aim2Crack.in and their roles in shaping the website.

Core Team

Dr Harimurugan


"Passionate towards dissimation of knowledge and enhancing skills."

Love Bansal

Front-end Lead

"Frontend developer who loves to design beautiful interfaces for a better UX"

Manish Kumar

Back-end Lead

"A passionate engineer, eager to develop great things for society."

Muskaan Chaturvedi

Design Lead

"I always believe that the only limits in life are the ones we make"

Priyanshu Sahu

Design Lead

"A creative engineer, entrepreneurial, savvy and a fast learner"

Tanvi Singla

Back-end Lead

"Perseverance and Tactfulness are the superpowers that will serve you well."

Vaibhav Verma

Front-end Lead

"There is no shame in falling down! True shame is to not stand up again."

Developers at aim2crack

Bhavya Mittal

"Passionate developer,
Learning finance
Entropized like Universe!"

Sourabh Parihar

"Stops only when I find the solution, loves coding and crypto."

Paras Jaggi

"I have promises(to myself) to keep and miles to go before I sleep."

Mohit Gupta

"I am optimistic, committed to work, quick learner and a team player."


"A Sanguine and serene person lining to level up in everything"


"A highly curious engineering student,
exploring various domains
of programming and development"

Designers at aim2crack

Vanshika Singh

"Engineer turned designer passionate about creating better User Experiences through meaningful aesthetics"

Manik Jindal

"Constant creativity is what makes my life fascinating.

Currently saying YES to new adventures."

Aditi Jain

"A multitasking and creative person whose goal is to observe, empathize and glean insights to make the invisible visible."

Creators at aim2crack

Anjali Gupta

"I always try to be productive and enjoy every moment."

Akshika Garg

"An engineer who looks for perfection in everything."

Dhruv Bhardwaj

"A hard-working person, ready for all the challenges in life"

Gautam Aggarwal

"Modest, hard working and I consistently set firm goals."

Himanshu Saini

"A blooming techie and expert"

Battula Vinay

"Epic excitement explorer, Great learner, Narcissist. "

Manjot Singh

"Always eager to learn and explore."

N Rahul

"Will become as potential as indiabix, Zeal for Vesratility.

Rituja Rani

"Practical, logical and hard working."

Aditya Oberoi

"Passion is energy. Feel the energy. "